Does RGPI outsource any of its work?

All of RGPI work – including all sorting, cutting, and inspection – is performed on-site and in-house by the company’s team of approximately 150 employees.

How can I contact RGPI?

You may E-mail us, phone us, or fill out contact form and we will get back to you.

How to measure your carton:

Always Specify if measurement provided are of internal or external dimensions of your carton. Carton dimensions are always given in order of length, width and then Height. The length is the longest side of the rectangle when looking into the carton opening. The width is the shorter side. The Height is always down through the middle of the carton.

Do you recycle?

Yes we have a keen focus on recycling and regard it as one of our main priorities.

Who do I contact for custom orders?

You may contact us through our inquiry page.

How can customers be assured of quality when purchasing from RGPI?

Our 3 Point Inspections Program assures quality control. Products are inspected in our sorting areas, at our cutting stations and in our packaging department, and are checked for smoothness anddamages in order to insure that they are free of contaminants. Additionally, RGPI supervisors often personally inspect shipments before they are sent out.

How many years of Experience do you have?

We have been dealing with paper for over 20 years.

Where is your office?

Our office is located in New Industrial Area, P.O Box: 24255 Ajman UAE

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